Chameleon Travel Africa has become an important part of my life and I would like to share my own fantastic experiences in South Africa with everyone. If you read the paragraph below, you will understand that words are not enough anyway. But we can promise you that your stay will be unforgettable!

Lions in a tree in South Africa

No matter how hard we try to describe what you feel when you're in South Africa, we don't succeed. You have to feel it yourself. How can we explain what you feel when you 'hear' total silence in the middle of the bush, and then suddenly hear a lion roar nearby... We can't pack this feeling and send it to you to try, you can only experience it when you are here. The only danger is that you don't want to leave anymore;-) 




"Thank you for all your help. You were amazing, answering all my questions and giving me all the information I needed for my trip. I really appreciate your personal support; I don't think many companies would offer the same level of assistance. So thank you again, very much!!"  Jennifer, Canada   


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