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Originally from The Netherlands, I (Linda) came to South Africa in 2003 to join various wildlife projects, after successfully rounding off my social work studies. The experience was mind blowing and I soon returned to work as a project assistant at one of the projects for the duration of one year. During this time I trained to be a field guide as well. I just fell in love with the country, the wildlife and the wide open spaces.


I met my South African husband during that year and as we both dreamed of living in the bush permanently, we bought land with the most stunning views of the Drakensberg Mountains, not far from a picturesque little town close to Kruger National Park.


CTA (previously known as Kameleon Adventures) was born out of the desire to continue supporting the wildlife and community projects and has been going for over 15 years.


We still live here with our two kids who are growing up barefooted and surrounded by wildlife.

We have a passion for Africa, wildlife, nature and traveling and it’s awesome to be able to share the experience through CTA!


What we provide


  • We only send you out to high quality organizations, handpicked by ourselves
  • We work directly with the project leaders in order to keep communication between them, you and us as straight and swift as possible
  • From beginning to end I (Linda) am your contact person. Personal contact is very important to us!
  • We provide you with a detailed pre-departure information which we hope helps to answer any questions that may arise once you start getting everything together for your travels. And we'll gladly answer any question you may have. There is no such thing as ‘too many questions’ or ‘silly questions'; good preparations are important and we understand that you want to be properly informed. I was also a volunteer and gladly share my experience with you
  • We can tailor-make a programme designed to suit your personal interests and/or requirements your uni or college has with regards to an internship
  • CTA is based nearby most of the wildlife projects, therefore, once you are in South Africa, it is easy for you to get in touch with us in case you have questions or need help. Good to know, especially if you are travelling by yourself for the first time
  • We aim to make sure that you are fully briefed and prepared before you leave home ensuring peace of mind for your family and friends
  • Everyone associated with CTA is experienced and enthusiastic and their objective is to make your stay as valuable and memorable as possible!

Zebra in line

Our vision

CTA’s main aim is to provide support to both valuable projects, organizations and training facilities in South Africa, as well as travelers, volunteers, interns and students worldwide by bringing them together and helping participants prepare for their journey of a lifetime!


We take great care in selecting quality organizations and make sure that organizations are dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and community upliftment, have an absolute passion in their field of expertise and offer a valuable programme to participants.


As a participant (whether as a volunteer, intern or student) you want to know that your work and financial contribution is invested in a worthwhile cause that is making a real difference, while learning about and experiencing South Africa’s highlights.


We at CTA love bridging the gap and bringing people together. We like personal contact and the organizational aspects that need taken care of, so whether it is answering  your questions, providing good information, help you create your ideal programme, staying in touch with you and offer assistance while at your destination or thereafter.



We’re here and it’s what we do best!

Blyde River Canyon

What about the cost?

Why do I pay programme costs to work as a volunteer?


Besides assisting the project with the work, the financial contribution you make is vital to the organization. Projects are started by individuals like you and me with a desire to make this world a better place for all. They have a huge passion for their cause.


With the exception of a few, basically none of these projects receive any government funding, yet they contribute greatly to nature conservation, education and community upliftment.  They protect, educate and serve. They analyze problems and put solutions in place.


The costs and organization involved to run a project properly and successfully is not to be undermined! Think equipment and vehicles, running costs, accommodation, enclosures, supplying food and medical care. Think infrastructure in the broadest sense of the word, from accessible roads to water and power supply, cell phone signal, internet connections and technology.


No mean feat and plenty of challenges and this is where you make the difference!


Your financial contribution also covers your accommodation and meals, and (very important) it creates job opportunities.


By inviting international participants to become part of the team, projects receive crucial funds to keep going, getting the work done and expanding to achieve more goals and educate more people. In return the projects can extend the awareness for their cause and share their passion and expertise with you.


It’s their aim to make your stay with them a very worthwhile and memorable one! You are involved in all the activities and included in any opportunities that arise. A fantastic way to get to know and experience South Africa’s wildlife and culture; behind the scenes and up close and personal.


You come to make a change and you’ll find yourself changing; you come to enrich and in turn you’ll feel enriched by the experience. There is nothing quite like Africa’s magic and to share this experience in a group of like-minded individuals is just incredible! 

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