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And who are we? I am Linda (from the Netherlands). I came to South Africa as a volunteer in 2003. After this amazing experience, I had the opportunity to return to South Africa for one year to work as a project assistant at one of the wildlife volunteer projects. During that year I met Dave (South African), who worked at the neighboring nature reserve. What started of as a holiday romance resulted in a wedding not long after. Dave and I now live on our farm close to Kruger National Park in South Africa. A dream came true for both of us, living in the bush. 


Chameleon Travel Africa was started by a friend in 2004 as Kameleon Adventures. I became Kameleon's representative in South Africa and it was so much fun to do, that I did not have to think long when I could become the owner. This was in November 2007 Now, in 2017, I have decided to change the name a little and launching a new website.


With our passion for the bush, wildlife and the conservation thereof, and with our combined experience as traveller, volunteer, project assistant and field guide, we are convinced that we can help you create your own awsome experience in South Africa. Our bush is amazing, the people very friendly and there is just so much to do and experience... but there is nothing better than to share all this with others!

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A magnificent view from our farm in summer



We only send you out to high quality projects, handpicked by ourselves.

We work directly with the project leaders in order to keep communication between them, you and us as straight and swift as possible. From beginning to end I am your contact person. Of course, we'll gladly answer any question you may have. I've been a volunteer myself and can tell you everything about it. 


Chameleon Travel Africa is based nearby the wildlife projects, therefore, once you are in South Africa it is easy for you to get in touch with us in case you have questions or need help. Good to know, especially if you are travelling by yourself for the first time. We aim to make sure that you are fully briefed and prepared before you leave home ensuring peace of mind for your family and friends. Everyone associated with Chameleon Travel Africa is experienced and enthusiastic and their objective is to make your stay as much fun and as trouble free as possible.

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Same view in early spring



The main aim of our company is to recruit volunteers and participants to take part in valuable projects in South Africa so that not only will you benefit from the knowledge and rewarding work that the projects offer, but that the projects themselves benefit from your participation. 


Your support is vital for the survival of many habitats and animals in Africa and each project has been handpicked by us for the quality of the educational program, the passion of the teams and their dedication to conservation and wildlife.