• 2-Days in Kruger National Park

Undoubtedly the jewel in South Africa’s crown!  Kruger National Park is the largest South African National Park, boasting almost 2 million hectares of unrivalled diversity!  Here we spend two full days in the mid & southern sections of the park, the areas with the highest density of animal populations.  After the first day, we spend the night IN Kruger National Park, camping in one of the park’s Rest Camps. Subject to availability, you may be able to book a Night Drive or Morning Walk in Kruger National Park (this is run by South African National Parks and is in addition to the programme and is therefore at your own expense).  Both are highly recommended and information on these will be given in your welcome letter.


  • Wildlife Rehabilitation tour

This famous wildlife rehabilitation centre is a haven for the care of abandoned, injured and poisoned wildlife.  Animals are brought to the centre from all corners of South Africa, and, once healthy enough, are re-introduced into their natural environments. Those creatures which cannot be returned to the wild due to the nature and extent of their injuries are cared for at the centre and are used to educate the many people who visit each year, both from across South Africa and abroad.  The tour includes cheetah, lions, leopard, hyaena, every kind of eagle, Ground Hornbill, caracal, serval, the chance to feed vultures and see Stoffel, the world-famous Honey Badger!


  • Rural community outreach work #1

An early start takes us into the Lepelle or Willows community, small rural villages about an hour’s drive from camp, with HALO – Hoedspruit AnimaL Outreach. HALO is a Non Profit Organisation set up in 2016 to provide assistance to the people and animals in the communities around Hoedspruit. HALO’s goals are to improve animal health and living conditions, prevent and alleviate suffering of domestic animals, encourage and assist in spaying and neutering of pets and to provide education about their animals to the individuals in the community. Community work at an outreach can mean assisting the vet, dipping the dogs (prevention against ticks), administration work in the form of capturing data on each animal seen, and interacting with the dogs and their owners! This is a remarkable opportunity for you to experience community life and to make a substantial difference!


  • Rural community outreach work #2

Nourish is a South African non-profit organisation dedicated to uplifting local communities, promoting social responsibility and encouraging environmental education. Working here with the local community you may be painting school classrooms, tending to the Moringa orchard or working in the sustainable vegetable garden. A delicious reward for your hard work will be lunch cooked by the Nourish Magogos (Grannies)!


  • Reptile Park interactive guided tour

On this guided tour through the reptile park are a variety of snakes as well as crocodiles, bearded dragons, iguanas, monitor lizards, scorpions and spiders! You may have the opportunity to feed plated lizards and to hold a python!  In a live demonstration, the Reptile Park Curator talks about snake behaviour, fang structure and venom types using a Puff Adder, Boomslang and Snouted Cobra.


  • Visit to 2.000-year-old Baobab and pancake restaurant

A trip to the Glencoe baobab, the second largest baobab in South Africa which has been carbon-dated to +/- 2,000 years old.  In its prime, this baobab stood with a diameter of 15.9 m (52 ft) with a circumference of 47 m (154 ft) and at a height of 17 m (56 ft), and the spread of crown 37.05 m (121.6 ft)… and whilst adoring the mighty Baobab you can enjoy a delicious pancake! (cost of 1 pancake and 1 beverage included)


  • Boat trip, hike along the Blyde river, visit the Blyde dam, an indigenous forest and then the Swadini waterfall & pools for swimming - the day includes a picnic lunch overlooking the river

The spectacular Blyde Canyon is the third deepest canyon in the world!  Let the stunning rock formations take your breath away as we take a scenic journey in the mountains to the Blyde dam and a hike that will take us down to the Blyde River edge.  Along the way we will stop for a picnic lunch overlooking the river.  After the hike we will visit the Swadini waterfalls.  After a short walk through an indigenous forest you will arrive at the first of three waterfalls.  Here you can relax in beautiful surroundings or swim in the pool below the falls.  For those with a sense of adventure, hiking upstream reveals two more hidden waterfalls!

PLEASE NOTE: if closed due to filming the excursion will instead be a trip to Mariepskop mountain view and swimming area, or an alternative hike.


  • Guided walking tour of local village

Uplifting the local community, this sustainable tour takes you through a village borne from the displacement of locals as the Kruger National Park was established.  Experience the history and day-to-day village life with a member of the community as your guide.  Visit the local school and crèche (during term time) and taste a traditional home-cooked meal.


  • Trip to local restaurant (cost of standard meal covered, excluding drinks)

Enjoy a tasty meal whilst taking in your incredible surroundings!


  • Sleep-out in the bush

A night under a blanket of stars with the sounds of the night serenading you! There is nothing quite like sleeping in nature amongst the wildlife and to experience the thrill of being one with nature!