MOHOLOHOLO ('The Very Great One')

By Lonneke, The Netherlands

Examination of a leopard


Feeding duiker with a bottle

I joined the volunteer programme at Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Programme for 3 weeks. What an incredible experience! We were with few volunteers at the time, which meant hard work, but I did not mind at all.


Every morning I woke up with a smile on my face, especially after I was asked to take care of Flynn, a young Duiker of about 3-4 months. He needed to be bottle fed at 6AM. I’d be one of the first to wake up and walk across the beautiful and peaceful centre, surrounded only by animals and animal sounds.


And when Flynn spotted me, he’d be super excited because he knew he’d get his bottle. What a way to start the day! It was so special to see that he started to recognize my voice, and got familiar to our little routine.


We did work hard. On average I’d walk around 9-12 km’s. My fitness level definitely went up!


As I was the oldest volunteer, and because there weren’t so many other volunteers at the time, I had the luxury of having my own room close to the enclosures of the cheetahs and hyena’s. The best place to be!


The lounge area is a nice space to spend time, everything you need is right there, and we’d often sat down to chat or play cards.


Volunteer South Africa with eagles and deer

What I really appreciated was the fact that when something interesting was about to happen, or a poisoned, injured or orphaned animal was brought in, the staff would notify us and involve us in whatever was happening. Informing us, educating us and taking all the time to answer our questions.


Moholoholo offers the opportunity to go out and do some extra optional excursions too. Some of them were free of charge, and some excursions you’d just pay the entrance fee and contribute to the petrol. They are happy to assist you wherever they can, just ask!

Volunteer in South Afica with civet, bush baby and deer

Turtle in rehab in South Africa

This is an experience that will last a lifetime! Secretly I’m already checking out another wildlife project, because once you’ve joined a volunteer project you are positively hooked!


I can really recommend Moholoholo Wildlife Rehab Centre to anyone, young or old, it’s a great project for anyone!




By Lonneke, The Netherlands


Moholoholo accommodation volunteers

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Volunteer in South Africa with eagle on her arm

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